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After a long Winter, Spring is finally here ❤️

And with this very much needed spring freshness comes a lovely playfulness.

So please feel free to scroll through my art and let yourself fall in love with the colors and style that fits your mood.

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Make Love

This series was my first steps into sensual and erotic art. The theme is love and love making. These pieces are hand cut from different kinds of paper and glued so they fit together like a sexy puzzle.

Make Love Watercolor

This series is derived from my Make Love series.
Both of my My Make Love series are about worshipping masculine and feminine energies and communicating in a language of love.
The theme is sensuality, love making, passion and desire. In April 2016, I started experimenting with watercolors. I found it to be very sensual with it’s liquid expression – allowing the lovers to melt together as the colors bleed into each other! This was exactly what I wished to express: the beautiful intimacy and emerging of energies that can occur during a loving sexual experience!

Pathways (for your hands)

This series is about awakening loving touches and strokes on the body. Touches and tongue tails that draw erotic energy in paths. This is particularly important for women who needs more time than a man to become sexually aroused and whose sexual responses are heightened when she feels emotionally and physically cherished. The originals are watercolor paintings cut out by hand with scissor and a scalpel. The paintings are then glued on 300 g. coldpressed watercolor paper.

A Deep Connection

This series is about a deep connection between two lovers. About emotional attraction and the feeling of your lover being aligned with your soul. This series is influenced by the themes sacred love and spirituality.

Self Love

This series are about self-love.
Self Love is an unconditional feeling of love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself. It is about knowing and loving your body, mind and shadow sides inside out. Knowing your worth and that you a beautiful – just the way you are right now.


In 2014, I saw the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint’s extensive works in Louisiana with my mother and grandmother. The experience had a profound impact on me.
Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) is unknown to most. She had a clear feeling that her works would only be understood long after her lifetime. Therefore, she wrote in her will that these spiritual paintings would only be shown to the public at least 20 years after her death. After seeing her work in person, I wanted to make some handcut pieces of some of her paintings, but I was afraid I was crossing a line by remodeling something that was already so beautiful and perfect in itself. But in the summer 2016 I started working on this handcut series hoping that Hilma herself would approve of them. But this remains unknown. The only thing I know is that I created them out of respect for the Hilma af Klint and therefore I called this series Hilma + Tina.

Non Series

Different paintings and handcut pieces that does not belong to a series.

Kiss Me

The Kiss Me series is about love, anticipation, seduction and foreplay. About the intimate feeling of a deepfelt kiss between lovers.


This series is about the magical energy and chemistry when lovers connect through touch. Chemistry is about all the hormonal processes and neurotransmitters that are triggered when two people in love come into physical contact. When two people feel chemistry, they will often feel their heart race, their body temperature may go up just by being in the other person’s presence.

Feminine Rose

There’s a long-standing tradition throughout history to use flowers as symbols of the female genitalia.
The vagina was once considered incredibly sacred and the gateway between heaven and planet Earth. In this series I paint roses to address the beauty associated with the topic of female sexuality and to praise women. The labia form the entrance to the vagina, just like pedals form the entrance of the center of a rose. Pink, plumped and beautifully blossoming when pleasured.


This series is about dreams and fantasies and the keywords here are imagination and subconscious desires.
Women can use erotic fantasies in very clever ways to relax, make themselves feel sexier, reach orgasm and safely satisfy their curiosity.
All paintings in this series have a black background. Either painted with black ink or matte black acrylic paint.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a series about our Earth mixed with Dreamlike visions and Endless Beautiful variations. Our nature is raw, wild and life giving.

Original Work

These are my original paintings and handcut pieces.
Most of my originals are watercolor paintings – painted on 300 g. Watercolor paper. The hand cut pieces are watercolor paintings and collages glued onto paper.

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