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Make Love Watercolor nr. 230

Make Love Watercolor

Both of my My Make Love series are about worshipping masculine and feminine energies and communicating in a language of love.
The theme is sensuality, love making, passion and desire. In April 2016, I started experimenting with watercolors. I found it to be very sensual with it’s liquid expression – allowing the lovers to melt together as the colors bleed into each other! This was exactly what I wished to express: the beautiful intimacy and emerging of energies that can occur during a loving sensual experience!

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Self Love nr. 72

Self Love

This series are about self-love.
Self Love is an unconditional feeling of love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself. It is about knowing and loving your body, mind and shadow sides inside out. Knowing your worth and that you a beautiful and good enough – just the way you are right now.

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Kiss Me nr. 26

Kiss Me

The Kiss Me series is about love, anticipation, seduction and foreplay. About the intimate feeling of a deepfelt kiss between lovers.

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Pommes de Femmes

Non Series

Different paintings and handcut pieces that does not belong to a series.

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Subtle Power

Selflove 110 A3

Feminine Rose

There’s a long-standing tradition throughout history to use flowers as symbols of...