Hilma+Tina nr. 6

In the summer 2016, I created a series Hilma + Tina. In 2014, I saw the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint’s extensive works in Louisiana with my mother and grandmother. The experience had a profound impact on me, Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) is unknown to most. She had a clear feeling that her works would only be understood long after her lifetime. Therefore, she wrote in her will that these spiritual paintings would only be shown to the public at least 20 years after her death. After seeing her work in person, I wanted to make some handcut pieces of some of her paintings, but I was afraid I was crossing a line by remodeling something that was already so beautiful and perfect in itself. But in the summer 2016 I started working on this handcut series hoping that Hilma herself would approve of them. But this remains unknown. The only thing I know is that I created them out of respect for the Hilma af Klint and therefore I called this series Hilma + Tina.

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